Integrating Chat GPT with work

Hello, everyone. This may not be possible, but it’s worth a shot. I am a recruiter, and I use transcription/dictation to convert my conversations with candidates to text. I use a word template to store my conversation notes and later paste the transcribed data in to chat GPT to summarize the information in bullet point format.

My question to all of you is. “Am I able to use the assistance of chat GPT to immediately start summarizing my conversations in real time through the use of an App?” I would prefer to use a program similar to Microsoft Word with a dictation feature.

If that is not possible. Could I potentially program chat GPT to become familiar with a set of questions that I ask during every phone screen, and summarize the data in an easily digestible format?

It would be an added bonus if I could request that Chat GPT would draft a quick synopsis of the whole conversation in email format to submit to a hiring manager.

What you’re asking is more of a traditional automation than something the AI models would do directly. Think of the AI as components in your automation system.

But it sounds like you have a pretty good method already. Don’t underestimate the value of you being the conductor/orchestrator of the moving pieces. This allows you to continually improve your methods, like the prompts that you use to summarize the transcripts or extract answers to your target questions, without the overhead of updating an automated system.


Good answer, WfhBrian. It’s easy to take this new technology for granted. I have already significantly improved my productivity at work. It’s probably best to take the win vs. chasing that last 1%-2%, resulting in a net loss of productivity.