Using 2 accounts to subscribe to chatGPT Plus to get twice the limit

The current GPT-4 limit is 25 messages for 3 hours, and it’s going lower soon.

I plan to subscribe using 2 accounts, paying twice, and get twice the limit. Is this against the ToS? I ask chatGPT this, it said it should be OK. It refer to this section.

Section 4(e) states:

“You may not create more than one account to benefit from credits provided in the free tier of the Services. If we believe you are not using the free tier in good faith, we may charge you standard fees or stop providing access to the Services.”

This should apply to free tier only, not on paid subscription. Do I understand this correctly?

Hey, did they block your second account already?

No, my application for the second account needs to wait for the waitlist. So, I cannot try it yet.

It might even be as complex as combining the device and the network used as the limits for the chat. But i dont know. Paid users money should be used to upgrade proccessing power to whatever needed to give at least unlimited messages for paid subscriptions. My comment would be more professional if i could USE chatgpt to write it more professionally lmao

After running into the cap of 50 messages every 3 hours, I registered a second account and successfully opted into ChatGPT Plus again (i.e., for the second time).

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a successful workaround.

Scratch that - while I’d cleared the browser cache and opted into aggressive fingerprint blocking, using the same browser was the issue.

On either a different browser or a different client/device, this approach works as intended.