GPT-4 API - messages per hour same as ChatGPT Plus? (solved)


When using GPT-4 with my Pro version of ChatGPT shows this message -

“GPT-4 currently has a cap of 50 messages every 4 hours

Does this limitation also apply to people who currently have access to the GPT-4 API? (I assuming it does but wanted to double check)



@bickster Did you ever find an answer?

No. But we turned GPT-4 on for a half day and we didn’t see any throttling and our bill went up 6x. There were a lot of network timeouts. Those might be solved now. Doesn’t look like there’s any limitations. Just be careful of the number of tokens you give out. We are trying to find the right scenario/use case to turn GPT-4 back on.

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That makes sense. Thank you for the update.

I’ll also leave Open AI’s documentation here. It has some additional info on rate limits for GPT-4 just in case anyone else is curious.

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Hi, I am a bit confused. I am using chatgpt and working with the api. Can I buy more chatgpt credits? is there a relation between my api payments and my chatgpt payments?

thanks for help to clarify this

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Welcome to the Dev community!

A ChatGPT Plus subscription is completely separate from the API and any credits purchased.

You cannot purchase more “credits” per say for the ChatGPT interface, the only other option would be the Enterprise Subscription (I believe they require a minimum of 150 seats purchased for this though).

You can use the API much more often though. You can find the limits for your tier here.

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well, thank you! that clarifies it. :pray:

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Still getting throttled and choaked as paid subscribers now, ten days before Christmas.