Use API with the Greek Language


I would like to use the language capabilities of OpenAI API in English language, with the Greek language.

In the Introduction of the documentation, in the transformation section there is an example with French, and it mentions that the example works because the API has already a grasp of French.

I have the following questions:

  1. Does the API have a grasp of the Greek language too?
  2. If it has, will I be able to use the full capabilities of the API with the Greek language? (In other words, will I be able to do with Greek, what the API does with English?)
  3. If it has not, what can I do?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

While the API is best at English, it can be used for a variety of other languages as well. I’d recommend experimenting with the languages you’re interested in to see if the API will work for your use-case.

For example, I tried out the English to French example, and simply replaced French with Greek. Here’s what I got (disclaimer: I have no idea if this is accurate, since I don’t know Greek. If you know Greek, you could provide higher quality examples).

Joey thank you for your reply,

the first three examples are accurate, the fourth has a small mistake and the last is wrong.

What I wanted to ask and did not do it explicitly, is if the underlying models are also trained in the Greek language, since I assume that when the documentation mentions “grasp of French”, this is what it means.

I can test the model on my tasks and see how it performs, but shouldn’t the model have been trained on the Greek language in order to preform well?

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