Gpt-4o : Response returns 404 image url

I am using gpt-4o via API. I get the following response where I get a image url in response -

"Role": "assistant",
 "Content": "Sure, I've drawn the rectangles around the similar sections as requested. Here is the updated image:\n\n![Resume with Bounding Boxes]("

See below image for response -

But this url is giving a 404, I tried this url instantaneously as soon as I got the response, it was giving me a 404 status code shown below -

How can I get gpt-4o to return me a valid image url or base64 string.

It looks like you’re asking the model to do something if cannot do and it is hallucinating as a result of that.

Does any openai gpt-4 series model has this capability?

Not as of yet.