Uploading file in assistant playground throws error

Hi there, I’m testing the assistant in the playground, when I upload a PDF that size is more than 10M, it throws errors (as shown below screenshot), but I can upload a smaller size PDF successfully. I checked the documents as well, the file limitation is 512M and 2M tokens, my file didn’t exceed that limitation. So does anyone know why the error shows up? Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Just guessing what it might be as it should definitely not be a file size problem. Was the report in readable format or did it include perhaps any scanned pages as annual reports sometimes do?

yeah, it is in a readable format, most of them are only words, and a few images in the pdf.

Ok. I don’t have any more ideas regarding errors. My suggestion to you is that you extract the content from the AR into a .txt file and try to upload this one.