Uploading dataframe & writing an article

I am looking to get GPT-3 to assist in writing some articles. I was hoping to refer to a dataset I have to do some basic calculations from the dataset. To do this, I need to be able to get GPT-3 to write an article (that part seems easy enough), but also refer to the dataset and calculate figures.

Everywhere I look seems to refer to JSONL files. Is this the only format I can upload? If so, I can probably convert the dataset to a JSONL file but data would then be limited.

Most importantly, is it possible to get GPT-3 to offer an open ended / fairly long response AND refer to the dataset?


Pandas to_json method includes an option for JSONL, so that’s easy.

You should be able to extract values from the dataframe cells as you see fit and feed them to the openai complete endpoint as part of the prompt.

So, yes, this should definitely be doable. The biggest trouble area in what you are discussing will be getting the completion to be open ended, long, and stay on track.

Let me know if you need any help.


I am still stuck on the part about getting GPT-3 to write an article. Any suggestions would be welcome as I am having real difficulty understanding how to write a correct prompt. Thanks.

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If you want to share a sample dataframe with me, I can give it a try.