UnrecognizedKwargsError: ('words', 'clues')

I’m attempting to build a quick plugin to get the knack of it before starting on a more serious project. I setup a google cloud run instance to serve a plugin to generate and display crossword puzzles. Small fun and simple, but I feel I’m doing something really dumb so after not being able to find anything on google I’m asking here.

I’ve installed the plugin and I’ve asked it to generate a crossword, but it’s triggering this error. I feel it must be something dumb I’ve done, but the one reference I found to this error when googling claimed it was an error by chatGPT. And the thing is, it’s constructing the JSON package correctly so I’m a little stumped as to what would be causing this error.

  "words": [
  "clues": [
    "A popular type of cheese originating from a village in Somerset, England.",
    "A Dutch cheese named after a city in the Netherlands.",
    "A soft cheese named after a French region.",
    "A traditionally Italian cheese, commonly used on pizzas.",
    "A soft, creamy cheese from France.",
    "A blue cheese from the south of France.",
    "A brined curd cheese from Greece.",
    "A hard, granular cheese from Italy, often grated over dishes.",
    "A hard yellow cheese from Switzerland.",
    "An Italian cheese made from sheep, cow, goat, or Italian water buffalo milk whey left over from the production of other cheeses."

This is the request it’s making which should work fine. Here’s my openai.yaml with the urls removed.

title: Crossword Generator App
summary: An application for generating crossword puzzles automatically from lists of words
description: This is an application for generating crossword with the ChatGPT Plugin system.
  name: Devin Atkin
  name: Apache 2.0
  identifier: Apache-2.0
version: 0.0.1
- url: 
  description: Google Cloud Run 1
      operationId: generateCrossword
      description: Generates an image of a crossword from a set of words and clues provided as a json package. The package may also include a grid_size variable to adjust the output size for larger crosswords.
        required: true
            type: object
                type: array
                description: An array of words
                type: array
                description: An associated array of clues
                type: integer
                description: The size of the desired crossword square. Larger crosswords for more words. 
          description: OK
                type: object
                    type: string
                    description: publicly accessable image URL
                    type: string
                    description: crossword hints

Any help or pointers would be appreciated, I apologies in advance if this is a case of me being an idiot and not knowing what to google/ missing something obvious.

I’m not going to delete this simply because I’m sure there are other idiots out there like me who would benefit from it. The system started working once I made some edits to the yaml to properly comply with the specifications. I was able to figure out what I had done wrong (One missing field and some other minor issues) I used the swagger checker tool h t t p s : / / e d i t o r . s w a g g e r . i o /

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