Expedia plugin - UnrecognizedKwargsError: departure_time

Why is this error keep on coming even if I already told it my departure time?

Using Expedia

UnrecognizedKwargsError: departure_time

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Most of the first gen plug-ins were poorly written. It’s an alpha, I guess it should be expected.

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I bumped into this once for my plugin, too, and I know for a fact that my plugin does not throw this error.

My guess: this is a leaked exception from ChatGPT’s plugin call initiator.

My wild imagination: ChatGPT does two things under the hood -

  1. when the plugin is installed, it generates a client function based on the plugin’s OpenAPI.yaml, using an old-fashioned library.
  2. when user submits a prompt, it generates the function call kwargs based on the prompt and the yaml, using a language model (this might be why ChatGPT calls the plugin’s /.well-known/openapi.yaml every time)

#1 is deterministic but #2 is not. Occasionally, ChatGPT hallucinates and generates an extra param. When the unwanted param gets passed into the client function, it triggers the exception.

I might be way off base here :sweat_smile: @logankilpatrick thoughts?

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Calling the Shopify API also is a little buggy… for max_items it sends a number, and then Shopify expects a string instead. And the OpenAI corrects itself and resends the API request, which is super cool IMO.

This way of interaction with the APIs is game-changing.

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I believe in your second theory. Also, I can’t find a explanation on how ChatGPT plugins work internally. Did I miss an article of this? I know how to build a plugin, but I want to know the process behind installing and calling that plugin.

Not sure if they published it anywhere. Anyone’s guess at this point :smiley:

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