Unknown language on generated images

I was trying to create a marketing poster for ’ stop sugar addiction’ and ai has wasted many credits of mine by creating posters in an unknown language.
How can I get those credits back as my instructions were in English and how can I ensure that what I write will be included in the text of the image?

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Hi @sairahasan600,

unfortunatley there is no way to “get the credits back”. Generating text in images is a hard task for this kind of model.

Why is this the case?

This is because the input and training data is for a lot of different Languages. So when you generate a image this get mashed into one product and thus leads to such text artifacts. So I’m not sure if this tool is the right one for you…

One practical solution since I don’t think that you can achieve what youre trying to do with this tool would be to generate the image and go over it with a foto editing software and to replace the text. Another possible way (but im not sure on this!) would be to specify the exact text.