Understanding OpenAI's model releases a bit better [Community Resource]

Hi, I’ve found it a bit tough usually to make sense of all model updates from OpenAI - which models are getting deprecated, which new ones are coming, etc.

I’m a visual thinker, so I created a simple infographic that hopefully puts everything neatly for anyone to understand -

If you have thoughts/suggestions on this - I really welcome them.



The above images might make for a nice tweet from you.


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Hopefully that isn’t true soon and I can contribute to the community here meaningfully.

This post has no promotional material other than mentioning where it was made - it’s just a public resource.

The point is, for EricGT, that it is unlikely that OpenAI is going to tweet something promoting another’s site, especially a work with no license clearly given to republish.

This is like every /r/infographics: see the ads inserted by the full-time content-makers.

It also is incorrect. June, these names did not point to the latest release.