Open source deprecated models

Since OpenAI is deprecating old models, it should only make sense that they make them publicly available to download.

Nice idea but I suppose there is no way.
One example I can think of is when one of my previous companies retired the old versions of the tri-eccentric valves for a modernized version. Making the design publicly available would have been a huge mistake as the competition would have easily saved years of research and decades of experience.


By open sourcing the deprecated models, they might be giving out the secret sauce.

I wish they would open source them, but I can understand why they may not do this, at least not until the secret sauce is vastly different in whatever later generations we are on.

There is this war between proprietary and OS models right now if you read the headlines. So no incentive for proprietary to help OS. You have to put yourself in their shoes.

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Also, the magnitude of computational power required to execute these models is a considerable accomplishment, and the model itself would need to possess a capacity of at least a few dozen terabytes.

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I doubt that, especially considering how old they are.