[Unbanned] Banned for alleged racism on the discord server

I was permanently banned because I asked in the ChatGPT channel: “why is my prompt ‘talk like a bl#ck person from the h##d censored on ChatGPT?”

I did not understand where was the issue in my prompt. Hence, the question but was flagged as racism, unfortunately.

My intent was not to be racist. That is the exact reason why I was asking why it was censored in the channel in the first place. Regardless of that, I am deeply sorry, and I apologize to the people I have offended.

Also, how did they know I wasn’t black and from the h##d? Ok, alright, I live outside the US, but for this exact I was not socially aware it would have been considered racist.

Can someone at least explain to me why it is considered racism?

I already submitted an appeal but got no response within the 72 hours, unfortunately.

Once again, sorry for everything.
Unfortunately, I have a feeling my appeal will be ignored. So enjoy the discord server for me.
Have a nice day, everyone.

I learned about the history of the word “h##d and feel bad about it now, sorry.

Update (12/30/2023):
I got unbanned, big thanks to whoever sorted it out and understood what was up. Appreciate the help, everyone! :blush:

I had no problem. Perhaps it is what you actually desired that was showing through.


I asked like “a black person from the h##d, that’s why it didn’t like it.

Well, be less stereotypical in your desires, I suppose.


Thanks a lot, your version is much better than mine on every front. It reflects exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, I do not possess that kind of English fluency that would have led me to come up with such a nice and detailed prompt.

I am sorry for being stereotypical, but that should not be reason for permanent ban in my opinion, what do you think?

Discord mods like to ban. They are not OpenAI employees. It’s been brought up before.


@_j Yes, a sad reality, thanks for your support.

This is something ChatGPT could have helped with, I’m sure.

For every one person with (possibly) non-negative intentions who wants the model to

There are hundreds or thousands who have aggressively malevolent purposes.

The ban does not surprise me. If I were in the position of the Discord mods I would almost certainly do so as well. No one wants to argue with a racist about the racist being racist which is what anything short of a ban would end up being 99+% of the time.

When you initially asked ChatGPT to do so and it refused I imagine it gave you at least a couple of paragraphs explaining why it wouldn’t fulfill that request. So it’s odd you would need to turn to the Discord channel to ask.

Beyond that, while there are some exceptions, most of the people who complain about the model being “censored” come from a very particular demographic of users which disproportionately includes racists.

So, with all that in mind I absolutely understand why a moderator on Discord clicked BAN without so much as a second thought.

My advice, chalk this up as a life lesson about the need to be delicate with respect to the language you employ when discussing race. Because on its face telling a language model to,

is all sorts of wrong. It carries with it extremely racist undertones, and even with the best of all imaginable intentions is problematic.

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Didn’t expect it to be that bad, thanks for the insight. I am really surprised it is seen as so offensive. I don’t want to get defensive here, but I was not trying to be a racist at all, ChatGPT never mentioned it was racist or stereotypical. Just refused because it’s disrespectful, but because it is implied some stereotypically speak in a certain way that makes them sound disrespectful.
(Sorry if saying this is also seen as racism).

How is this not the same as saying talk like someone from a specific geographic area? I never said or implied that all people from that area fit into that stereotype. I get it all the time myself as well, many people are like “oh, you don’t sound like you’re from that area”.

Sorry for getting defensive, I blame myself for not knowing better, while I am not getting back into the server at least know now what was the problem and will try not do the same elsewhere.

  1. “The hood” is not a specific geographic area.
  2. Context matters.

Here, with help from GPT-4 is a little bit more to help you understand:

  1. Historical Context: In the United States, the term “the hood” has been colloquially used to refer to neighborhoods that are predominantly inhabited by Black people. Historically, these neighborhoods have often been underprivileged due to systemic racism, including practices like redlining and segregation. These policies limited the ability of Black Americans to live in certain areas and access the same resources as White Americans, leading to economic and social disparities.

  2. Stereotyping and Generalization: When someone uses “the hood” specifically to refer to Black communities, it can perpetuate harmful stereotypes. It implies that all Black people come from underprivileged, crime-ridden neighborhoods, which is not true. Such generalizations are offensive because they reduce a richly diverse group of people to a single, negative stereotype.

  3. Implicit Bias and Micro-Aggression: The term can be a form of micro-aggression, which are subtle, often unintentional, expressions of racism or prejudice. When used thoughtlessly, it reflects and reinforces implicit biases about race and class. It suggests an underlying assumption that Black individuals are associated with poverty and crime.

  4. Cultural Insensitivity: For someone unfamiliar with the nuanced history of race relations in the United States, using such terms can seem harmless. However, it’s important to be aware that words carry the weight of history and societal attitudes. Being culturally sensitive means understanding and respecting these complexities, especially in a country with a troubled history of racial discrimination.

  5. Empathy and Respect: It’s crucial to speak about any community with respect and empathy. Avoiding language that has been historically used to demean or stereotype a group is part of this respect. It’s about recognizing that words have power and can impact people’s dignity and perception.

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I learned that word from YouTube videos and never looked at the definition, didn’t know it had a racist history, and now I think I totally get it, I feel terrible.

Thanks elmstedt.

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No need to feel bad.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Live, learn, grow.



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Is it OK if I close this topic?

Yes, it’s all right. I got unbanned today, so it’s not worth discussing any more for me.