Unable to load conversations on chatGPT

Today, as of 3 January 2024,

With very meager customer supports, it seems only certain privileged people get all the access, even when I already subscribed to chatGPT for almost 1 year. And due to all of these errors and inaccessibility to my data, this is very depressing, not the mention the API access.

All my conversations in ChatGPT, including chatGPT 4 are all inaccessible. This is unacceptable as OpenAI seems to remove the access to all my past conversations. For example:

Unable to load conversation 7c8170b0-8be4-4c5a-9794-ad950a3cbcfc
Unable to load conversation 857e9148-2dd3-4310-a2f2-d4a0affbb482
Unable to load conversation 397e6d09-f0d9-4a27-9899-249c3fb9dda5
Unable to load conversation b5a62ecd-93fb-416c-974c-8918c98182b5

Sorry to hear that you are facing issues right now.
It could be a workaround to request a download of your data, which is usually send out immediately.
From there you can reference past conversations and add them into a new chat via copy and paste until the issue is resolved for you.

Hope this helps.