Unable to get in to ChatGPT

I can access the API and the playground etc but not ChatGPT. I’m subscribed to the paid ChatGPT … it’s like it’s getting confused that I should have access to both API and ChatGPT??

Anyone else have this problem?


I just logged out, then I chose to log in and it kept loading.

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I have the same issue. Everything was working perfectly fine yesterday on my Mac. Now, I’m not longer able to log in my account Plus. It works on my phone, but not on my laptop. It also worked on my friend’s laptop on browser Edge. I tried everything, cleaning cookies and cache, updating app, apdating mac, chrome, etc. Any one can help with this?

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Same problem. i’m on mac OSX 10.13.6. Chrome, Safari and Brave doesnt work for ChatGPT. Made the mistake to log out on one of my mac laptop with the same OSX. It work well on safari browser on my iphone.

The only solution I found to use my Plus ChatGPT account with my Mac was to download the application. It works, but its functions are limited. I’m still waiting for help from the IT service, but it may take a while… crickets so far.

It started working for me in the browser (macOS-Safari) BUT the reply never comes back UNTIL I do I refresh and then I get my answer. So it’s better but they are still having problems.

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Same here :sob: :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage: it only works when I use it from my phone and I also have the plus account

try loading the app on your computer for the moment. Also contact IT. My Chat is now working.

Today when I logged in it was working again :raised_hands: :raised_hands: I was getting worried hahah all solved now