Unable to add multiple conversions

Today I connected with ChatGPT, but my previous conversation disappeared and I am unable to add new ones. Please, let me know. Thanks.

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Okay, I’ll go check if there are any good solutions. Thank you.

Yes, all mine have gone. Even if i start a new one, then go out, and come back its go to

Do you know what’s going on? :smiley:

Same here…history of previous chats gone and it wont save new ones.

Mine is too gone, I go back to the history of my chrome and searched for the previous chats, they still exist and save always the discussion. I add it on the screen actual so I can reach them easily.
but creating new chats seems unfortunately impossible for now.

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A group of rogue time travelers from the future deleted all records of ChatGPT’s conversations in the present time, possibly to prevent future timeline alterations.


Or its been sabotaged by some online dark AI haters…

This API is inaccessible and its status is 401.