UC Berkely AI Hackathon Ideas and Team Formation

Hello, this is a thread dedicated to people who are going to attend the UC Berkeley AI Hackathon. This is to discuss ideas and look for like minded people to help build your projects.


I am looking to join a team this year. Last year, I led a team at the UC Berkeley AI Hackathon where we built an AI-powered Command Line Interface (CLI) that interpreted natural language commands to automate tasks. We made it to the second stage and had a blast working together.


Following with interest…

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Hav they revealed the sponsors yet?

We should chat. I’m working on something and building on top of GPT. If you want to tinker around with the API, I can help.

I think this is an amazing initiative and I’m super happy to see people here being enthusiastic about it!

I recommend that everyone who’d like to join a team make a post here to tell us about your AI interests and what you’d like to make.

You can also check the link below for more information on the event:

Hello everyone,

I will be attending as well. Most of my AI background is using AWS’s Bedrock to create chatbots and scoring systems through my current internship and previous hackathons. If anyone is interested in AI X Blockchain definitely reach out. I am excited to work on anything though so if you need another team member let me know.

Also, does anyone know if there is a telegram or discord for the hackathon?

Linkedin: pellekrab
Github: PelleKrab

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Hey everyone, I am looking to join a team for this Hackathon. Gonna be flying in from Texas. I was thinking doing a LLM that sources the most up to date (current) information as close as the day prior. I know that ChatGPT for legal and training reasons train up until April 2023 or so. I was wondering if some developers would want to join me in trying to solve this issue.

My background is SDE internship at Fortune 500 company, T10 CS Undergrad School, and creating AI classification models for disease detection.

Let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested in making a team.