[Tutorial] Never Crank Up Your Temperature and Penalties Too Much

After they updated the model or their UI, if you crank up the parameters to the max, it will generate total garbage.


A temperature of 2 will create some pretty out there responses, drop that down to 1 and you should be good to go.


Hey, thanks for your note!
But in the old days it was okay though, I mean before they “downgraded” their models.

I tried it and mistakenly cranked up maximum length to 2048. That’s $0.004 of gibberish! lol

Perhaps this is useful for making Lorem Ipsum generator.

To much fine-tune weight on those still making language.
Base model curie.

The example above also shows the GPT-4 architecture able to overcome poor expert agent temperatures.

Haha that’s crazy, I think they modified the model somehow maybe, improved somewhere and degraded somewhere.

That’s the expected behavior of increasing temperature: the token selection process becomes very random instead of picking the best wording.

The junk can be further optimized:

AI writes a long poem about itself:
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The only disappointment was that I was unable to find much success in employing the junk as a nonce to then make a low-temperature AI think more randomly about otherwise deterministic things – like it always rolling a “4” on virtual dice. (unless you consider more chance of my wording triggering unwanted fine-tune denials of what the AI can’t do “random”)

Maybe they increased the temperature range on their Playground UI?
It used to do just fine to drag it to max.