Turning off source. I have use only my source, in my app

Hi everyone !
I’m looking for a solution that will allow me to limit responses only to the data that I have provided to the vector database. I use Pinecone.

If I ask a question related to the vector database. Something strictly related to my company. This will answer me and provide sources :slight_smile:

If I ask a general question, e.g. How many Start Trek films have been made?
This will give me an answer, e.g. I’m sorry, but the given document data does not provide any specific information.

Are you using the API for this? It sounds like you’re trying to build a bot that strictly adheres to the content in your database, correct?

Hi @Macha correct :white_check_mark: I use API.

This topic is covered in these free short courses by Andy Ng and OpenAI staff.