How to exclude certain sources

Hi all,

I would like to exclude a number of websites as sources for my content.
No matter what I try with my prompts, the websites continue to be used by GPT4 and my own GPT’s. Does anyone know how to write a prompt that permanently excludes sources?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Hi, it’s an interesting question you have, but needs more understanding of the platform you are using.

Do you refer to ChatGPT Plus, where the GPT-4 model can use browse-with-Bing to obtain search results?

Have you augmented your own API development with similar browsing capability?

Do you have a database from which the AI sources information?

If not, there really is no “website source” of the language generated by AI. The probabilities of text generation are synthesized from a inconceivable amount of language training data, which is not isolated or tagged by source.

The AI may say the language is from a source, especially if you prod it into doing so, but that is also the AI just predicting the likely text that would follow such a question.