Trying to work on a blind web browser for my cousin

trying to work on a web browser for the blind for my cousin.

Im having trouble figuring out how to identify elements.

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Really cool project!

Could you elaborate the problem?

sure, sure i can…


yeah that sums it up.

That doesn’t add up to the explanation of the specific problem you are facing unfortunately.

Check out Hyperwrite Ai assistant. It does something similar to what you are trying. Add whisper and tts to it, and it can do wonders for the visually impaired. Maybe you can take inspiration from that.

I have been working on a similar project, Check this script out. It is working to automatically get the correct selectors at least for simple sites.

Github /rushout09/automator/blob/main/

The site didn’t allow me to add links so had to add in this way.

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dont stop. Ill just team up with you while i work on other crap.

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Instead of me writing a full answer, here is a ChatGPT prompt asking a question that will lead you to a different way.


Which sites allow access to web pages as json and not html

November 21, 2023
ChatGPT 3.5

Many websites provide APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow you to access their data in JSON format rather than HTML. These APIs are typically designed for developers to retrieve specific data or perform actions programmatically. Some examples of websites that offer JSON APIs include:

  1. Twitter: Twitter provides a REST API and a streaming API that allow you to access tweets, user profiles, and more in JSON format.

  2. Facebook: Facebook Graph API lets you access various Facebook data in JSON format, including user information, posts, and comments.

  3. GitHub: GitHub provides a REST API that allows you to access repository information, issues, and other data in JSON format.

  4. Google: Google offers various APIs, including the Google Maps API, YouTube Data API, and Google Drive API, which provide JSON responses for various services.

  5. Reddit: Reddit has an API that allows you to access subreddit posts, comments, and user data in JSON format.

  6. OpenWeatherMap: OpenWeatherMap provides weather data through a JSON API, allowing you to fetch current weather conditions, forecasts, and more.

  7. News APIs: Many news websites, such as The New York Times, CNN, and BBC, offer APIs that provide news articles and related content in JSON format.

  8. E-commerce platforms: Websites like Shopify and WooCommerce offer APIs that allow you to retrieve product information, orders, and customer data in JSON format.

  9. Weather APIs: Various weather websites and services, like Dark Sky (now part of Apple) and, provide JSON APIs for weather-related data.

  10. Financial Data Providers: Services like Alpha Vantage and Yahoo Finance offer APIs that provide stock market data, financial indicators, and historical stock prices in JSON format.

To access these APIs, you usually need to register for an API key or token, which you include in your API requests to authenticate and access the data. Each API will have its own documentation that outlines how to make requests and retrieve data in JSON format. Keep in mind that many APIs may have rate limits or usage restrictions, so be sure to review the API documentation for details.

For example this is a Discourse forum and Discourse topics can be retrieved as JSON by just appending .json to the URL, even this topic.

Yes I am aware that with the JSON the problem is still hard, but for many sites it should now be a bit easier.

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