Anyone managed to build proper browsing function?

Hey guys,
Wondering if anyone managed to build proper browsing function similar to the one in ChatGPT? I’ve already started developing something with the new model that supports 120k input tokens and playwright for js websites… But was hoping if I can get some fresh ideas from someone who already built something like that.

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Duckduckgo aided with playwright scraping should be the best solution ?


What is your take on browsing tools becoming a native part of assistants API ?

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Should do with duckduckgo, anyway my solution so far working fine with google… Even managed to accept cookies :laughing:
Sorry but not a fan of bing…

I’ve scripted the calls to see that AI can employ a search API and then pursue the links with its recognition of function specifications - or even answer directly from search summaries.

Just search doesn’t get you the answer deep in Reddit or the OpenAI site though.

Too much of the web is script-based and dynamic these days, and also anti-bot if you aren’t Google. Haven’t gone as far as Selenium and letting the AI browse and scroll. is also interesting, but seems like it would have too much presentation fluff and not content.

Web searches can degrade the AI though. See the dumbness of Bing Chat, where to use AI and not a parrot, you have to jailbreak and disable browsing.

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