Try google sheets API - To create 100% unique content, but get the same results

Hi There,

We have setup The API key from OPENAI, and connect it with Google sheets. We want to use google sheets, because we want to create in bulk, 100% unique content.

This is the prompt we using this time:

=GPT("Maak een SEO tekst, in het dialect van"&A5&" maar ABN geschreven EN agressieve schrijfstyle van 150 woorden voor trekhaakcentrum en laat zoveel mogelijk en exact deze keywords erin voorkomen : "&D5&")")

In englisch language is this:

=GPT("Create an SEO text, in the dialect of"&A5&" but ABN written AND aggressive writing style of 150 words for tow center and have as many as possible and exactly these keywords in it :"&D5&")")

We have basically the same output of our prompts, while we use different keywords and we want to output 100% unique content for the website.

Do you know how we get everytime different output, to avoid duplicate content for seo purpose’s.

Hope you can help us.