OpenAI API Key response not the same as Chatgbt

Hi We are trying to use the Open API key to send text from google sheets (Cell A1) and prompt CHatGBT to return a summary of the text to (B2)

The text that has been returned isn’t the same by a long way, we have tried adding Modules - different prompts - using organisation ID as well as API key. The text just doesn’t come back the same as the response in chat GBT with the same text and prompt

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ChatGPT is a specific model (GPT-3 to 3.5 update). From the chat interface, its temperature set is at 0.7 fixed. The user has no access to its System role or any other settings. No access to external sources.

If you are prompting by Google Sheets, probably you’re using a different model with access to external sources or different settings. If you have an Organization ID maybe you’re using a GPT-4 model with either settings and/or capabilities. Or if you are using the API key only maybe the prompt goes to a davinci-002 model.

How are you selecting the model you are using in Google Sheets?