Trading GPT's between accounts, the GPT Marketplace

Think of this like a new kind of trading market / stock market.

Users can buy, sell or trade GPT’s between each other. Whilst yes the prompts can be directly replicated, the userbase behind the GPT is unique to each one, as well as the knowledge base. Also the story behind each one is unique, for example I’d love to own a set of the first ever GPT’s in the featured section on release day. That’s a piece of history!

OpenAI can take a cut if people sell them for money, and ultimately this will create new kinds of ways to monetise them without revenue sharing.

People may start to become GPT collectors, stockpiling popular ones on the store. People can also pawn off inactive GPT’s which used to have large numbers of users but now sit dormant to creators looking to repurpose the GPT, essentially bringing it back to life.

It creates a dynamic and evolving environment which will foster creativity and bring more revenue to both creators and OpenAI. I’d love to see the price of Grimore fluctuating throughout the weeks, or the boom in value for a GPT released to the featured page. Or imagine if someone bought ‘image generator’ and deleted it, releasing a burst of opportunity for creators in the DALLE section of the store to fill the gap in the market. The possibilities are endless.

I used to trade a lot of items on rocket league in their virtual stock market when I was younger and am seeing a lot of parallels for how a similar system could be implemented here.

I could speak about this idea for days, hope you guys see the vision too.

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Interesting concept, you have any GPTs we are testing? I’ve found a way to monetize my GPTs, just in the final stages.