Topic wise conversation threading & folders


I would like to share an idea to give chats more structure:

Problem Statement:
As a User I have a topic I would like to explore but at a certain point, I would like to dive into one sub-topic. If I have learned all I wanted from this sub-topic, I would like to get an example for this sub-topic. When done I would like to continue with the next sub-topic. However, If this topic is very complex the token limit might be hit. (Please also see the pyramid principle by Barbara Minto)

Current work-around:
I am prompting for a summary of the main topic and for each sub-topic I am creating an extra chat where I insert the summary of the main conversation. I then continue with the sub-topic prompts. This has some drawbacks: (1) I often loose track of those prompt summaries. (2) I cant create a custom GPT for this since I cant copy one prompt to the next chat. (3) The summary UI on the left side doesnt support chat folders to move around conversations and thus cluster conversations by topic.

Looking forward to getting your feedback.

Thanks and best regards

Ps: Maybe the way how git handles branching could be an idea how to handle conversation threads.