Tool to present assistants to users


We did build a couple of openAI Assistants and we want to open them up to a department within our company so they can test/use it. What tools do you use for this? So, it is something you can easily configure no-code and publish to a website. Thank you!

There is a few options out there but all of them (that I know) require some sort of subscription to do so.

I would suggest using the API+streamlit, even if you have no prior experience coding this isn’t really difficult.

I am currently toying around with the v2, if your assistants are knowledge dependable and want to explore the new vector stores, I can help you out coding them.

Did you guys decide on building it in house or on a publishing tool? Interested in a no code solution if possible!

May I reach you directly?

Yes we did built it in house

Sure you can. Can you send me a dm here?