Tool to debug function calling

Hello Friends,

Do you know of any tool that can help me debug function calling?

Problem: I want to debug which function is being called on sending a series of prompts and its parameters.

I have been doing it by writing the code for it. It’s not very efficient but does the job after some effort. I don’t know of a solution like that lets me debug function calling.

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Try the one using the Assistants API playground. In my experience it behaves almost the same as in Chat completions.

Yes, it does, but It doesn’t allow you to play around with temperature, max tokens, etc.

There is, it is basically a universal playground. I used it a while ago to test function calling, tried again month ago, but it behaved kinda broken - check for yourself, maybe they fixed it.

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Hey there,

Promptotype is a platform focusing specifically on structured prompt outputs (including function calling). It has an extended playground, and more related features.

I’m the creator of it so feel free to share questions, requests, and feedback :slight_smile: