Seamless Debugging for OpenAI Function Callings

The function calling capabilities of OpenAI is powerful, however, the multiple intermediate steps required to generate the final response makes debugging challenging and tedious.

Just share a new way to effortlessly debugging ChatGPT function calls. Visit and finish the simple registration, then describe the JSON schemas of your functions and chat normally with the model, you will know if one of the functions will be called by the model, if yes, the function name and the required arguments will be shown to you.

To evaluate the full function call workflow is also easy, create the function and deploy it on Vercel, set up the function base URL at the console, and ask the same question to the model, this time the console will automatically invoke your function, make a second call to the model again, and return the final summarized response. You can view intermediate information by clicking through.

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I am the author of , and I hope it can improves developers’ productivity by simplifying the debugging process of function calling. Feel free to try it out and share any feedbacks!