Too many requests (429) dalle3 api ឵឵឵឵឵឵឵឵឵ ឵឵឵឵឵឵឵឵឵

I sent a few requests, but it returned me 429. So I tried to wait 1 day and try, but now it returns me the same error even if I sent the first request this day

Here’s a link where you can see the current balance that has been paid into your API account.

Without a payment to both fund the purchase of API services and also to allow requests to this model, you get an error.

If you’ve never paid, it may take hours and even generation of a new API key to have full services of a paying user.

If you have free trial credits that are letting you use other language models or DALL-E 2, theres a quirk where they say you get 1 DALL-E 3 request per minute, but you don’t.

So if I had chat gpt 3.5 key and never payed, I still need to get key fot dalle3? And after I get it will be impossible to send requests?

All API use is paid.

You might have a $5 free trial still in effect if you signed up 1-3 months ago (OpenAI stopped giving the free $5 recently). Further back than that, the trial credit would have expired now, and nothing on the API would work for free. You can review you plan and billing details like the 429 error message says.

DALL-E 3 at $0.04-$0.12 per image wants your money! :money_mouth_face:

ChatGPT, the web chatbot, is not the API. It is now offered free to anyone even without an account.

ChatGPT Plus, at $20/mo subscription, also gives DALL-E 3 along with GPT-4 if you just want to talk to an AI about the images on a consumer platform and have a fixed price of $240 a year instead of whatever you would pay for API images (and also pay if you want to use GPT-4 on API)

On the API you prepay separately to a different account to fund the AI model data you use. You can Google “OpenAI prices”, where the price list includes images, because that’s what I’d be doing for you.