They nerfed CHATGPT-4 for new plans?

Recently chatgpt4 became so lazy that it stopped giving me codes. it is giving me template overlay. what the heck i do with template i need codes that actually would work. it is commenting out the actual code and asking me to use this is as building block. before when i requested it would give me code but now it is totally refusing and acting as chatgpt3.5.

I have canceled my subscription and i’m going try various other options in mean time. i have just one request please openai don’t be like android phone companies when a newer phone is released they destroy older ones with updates.

NOTE: “i’m not using custom instructions”


Just tell it to give you a full response, and possibly tell it again. It is super annoying, I agree. But if you persist, you’ll get the full output.

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I believe they are lobotomizing the AI so hard with things it “shoudln’t say”, that the overall model quality takes a toll.

It’s really a shame.

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