There's a way to create OpenApi schema more easily?

I was working with the openapi schema maker that was on the gpt actions editor, but now its disable :confused:

Anyone knows a way to create them? Or any documentation i can read to make them?

I already being using the cookbook, and theres a lot of examples, but as im not a programmer i send this to a chatgpt bot to understand it and then create the schema i want to.

But everytime the bot get wrong answers :frowning:

And i’m trying to build it myself but its pretty hard.


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I have the same question as all the Youtube tutorials look as follow

and mine seems to have a big window with “Enter your openAPI schema here” so I would be grateful for any tips

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Check for potential tools to help you and OpenAPI Specification v3.1.0 | Introduction, Definitions, & More for the actual spec.

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Did you found anything? @alvetr0

I’m carious about this Aswell. if anyone has any insight?

I create a solution for this,

you can check it out here: OpenAPI Builder Thread

If you’re developing with PHP, you can use Limenius/Liform on github (no links in answers? Seriously?) and create a form, and then convert it into a schema.

Symfony developers can use the LiformBundle bundle, eith mine or Survos or answear, the former for the latest versions of Symfony.

At first I was skeptical of using a form generator to create the schema, and was looking for something to parse a doctrine entity, etc. But forms make sense – there’s a name, type, validation, help messages, etc.

It’s worked well for my purposes. It’s harder than expected to find something to generate a schema from a data definition.