There is no "Open plugin devtools" button

where can I find the '“Open plugin devtools” button?


The same as The devtools option is missing

I have a similar issue. The tool seems to be absent. Would anyone happen to know how the openapi.yaml update is recognized following a plugin update? Is it necessary for a developer to uninstall and then reinstall the plugin for it to take effect?

Welcome to the forum!

There’s a plug-in waitlist. Have you signed up yet?

Thank you for the warm welcome, @PaulBellow. I have been granted Plugin dev access. However, it appears that the “devtools option” has been removed from the ChatGPT UI in the recent update.

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Ah, sorry. I haven’t dug in too far yet myself.

Hopefully someone stops by and answers for you. We’ve got a lot of great plugin devs here…

I will use Chrome DevTools. Right click every where in pages, select Inspect option, then check network panel.

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Good suggest. I try it out. It shows the tool it uses:

It’s showing up for me in the General tab.

To be clear, this is the “general” tab of the “settings” dialog and not the “Plugin Store” as it used to be.