There is free trail ,getting 429 too many requests err , but when I use my friend I'd it also getting 429

I am using free trail of api but there is 429 err right now ,
When I use my friend I’d then check which is at free trail then their also getting 429 err
How can I resolve it

I think in free trial you have a pretty low rate limit. You could upgrade it, I guess.

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How much of your free trial usage amount have you got left? If you are at the limi or if your trial has ended you will need to enter your payment details to the account page here: OpenAI API

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Same issue here… I have used $3.66 / $5.00 and my free trial expires in 1 October 2023

Would be worth adding your payment method now you have tested your use case, you will still get your grant tokens usage, but it could be that the system needs you to confirm a payment method.

Are you sending single requests? Or many in parallel oder many after eachother?