There is a huge opportunity to close hiring gaps

I have seen a few people post about resume-writing uses of GPT-3 but where the big money is would be in resume-parsing and writing better job descriptions.


For Job Descriptions -
Built using GPT-3


That’s really great! Are you also working on matching services? Insert job descriptions and CVs and generate list of best matches? You could write an article about your work on Medium to get more visibility (if you haven’t already).

I applied to work on AI at Tesla and I’m pretty certain I got rejected due to AI.


I am playing with puppeteer to see if I can make GPT apply to every single job related to my field on Linkedin. I am curious to see what happens, can we break the ATS ?

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Tesla’s loss :slight_smile:

That’s not my product - it’s created by another Founder I know from elsewhere. Not sure if he is here on this forum (Oras, if you are here, get in on this, buddy)