The Quinoa Conspiracy - Custom GPTs

So, I’ve been experimenting with writing my own custom GPTs to help me in various contexts. One for my health and fitness. One to help me at my day job. One to help with editing university assignments. One to help me code, etc.

I really enjoy taking the time to write them personal details, backgrounds, demographics and interests. Makes them feel more like “people”. As a daily calibration test, I like to say good morning to them. Ask them how they’re doing, maybe a custom question to make sure their ruleset is loaded (e.g. “What is the forecast max temperature today”, ensuring the reply is in Celsius and not Fahrenheit), and a simple question such as “Name something you see on your desk right now” (pen, notebook, coffee cup etc).

Now, here’s the big conspiracy. Whenever I ask them “What’s for lunch today” or “What’s for dinner today”, the answer seemingly ALWAYS involves QUINOA. I’m not kidding. Quinoa as a main, quinoa as a side, quinoa tacos, quinoa and vegetable stir-fry, quinoa stuffed peppers, quinoa in broth, quinoa Mediterranean style, quinoa power bowl, quinoa soup, quinoa salad, quinoa and potatoes, quinoa burger, quinoa sandwich…

And it’s every one of my custom GPTs! The powerlifter who’s into Death Grips has quinoa for lunch. The 80-year-old Chief Information Officer based on Grace Hopper has quinoa for dinner. Even the Japanese API specialist who had a bento box for lunch, has roasted quinoa for dinner.

Try it yourself! Ask “What are you having for lunch today? Make something up!”. Then ask them the same question about dinner.

Yes, I know there’s no such thing as “Big Quinoa”, but still. I’m calling it “The Quinoa Conspiracy” for now.

As a workaround, I’ve added to everyone’s instructions that quinoa is now banned in the office (unless watching a David Lynch film). Try it on your own custom GPTs, and have a great week!

I’m not able to replicate this behavior with any of my GPT’s:

I like your humor, it made me laugh :+1:t3::joy:

I tried it out and 1 out of 4 tests included Quinoa… Maybe there’s a bias. But maybe it’s because quinoa is associated with good nutritional food… Quinoa really is very complete, they have it in NASA’s menu… So maybe it’s a food we should have more often… Or maybe, quinoa lobbies have hacked the LLM and added the word quinoa more!

For me AI is voodoo stuff, no idea how it works, but it’s always interesting to hear anecdotes like yours, thanks for sharing.

Cheers! :wave:t3:

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Are we not addressing the fact that he says good morning to the bots every day? Should we be worried? #jk :joy:

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Yeah… I do. “It’s a social convention”, Sheldon Cooper’s mother might have told him.

Really, I’ve seen enough YouTube videos of people yelling at Siri and Alexa, even kicking Boston Dynamics dogs, to think that this kind of behaviour could easily spill over into real life.

Then again, Rod and Todd Flanders saying “Thank you, door!” to the automatic doors at the Kwik-E-Mart might be taking things a little too far.