The Power of Information and Knowledge and Dedicated Study

Back in February of this year, I watched this video which was published in April 2022: Beyond Semantic Search with OpenAI and Pinecone - YouTube

In it, they previewed this mockup:

And I was like, yes! This is EXACTLY what I want to do! How do I do it? Sent emails to a couple people who never got back to me. So, that’s when I realized I was going to have to figure this out on my own. Learning how do to document ingestion and chat completion with a simple user interface is no joke.

It took me exactly 4 months to get from not having a clue to this:

No big deal, I know, for most of you. But for me, it was like finally finding the Holy Grail. So, forgive me if I savor in my small accomplishment by blathering about it to anyone who will listen.

p.s. I also realized that even if those people I emailed at OpenAI and PineCone had gotten back to me, it would have made little difference. This was something that was going to take time, lots of study and a few tears, no matter what they said.