The Persistent Issue with Light Sources

Every time I try to get DALL·E to create night scenes, it automatically adds numerous artificial light sources, like lamps or candles, preventing the creation of scenes illuminated solely by moonlight. This really ruins the natural ambiance of light and shadows under the moon, which I’m aiming for. I understand that AI is trained mostly with positive instructions, and it struggles with negative commands – such as “do not include artificial light sources,” which seems to be a concept it doesn’t quite grasp. Despite numerous attempts at changing the descriptions, the outcome remains the same, with the AI insistently adding lights, especially those with warm tones. Does anyone have a solution to this?

got it on the second try :smiley:

can you generate me a picture?

imagine an empty city, devoid of humans - long gone. the electricity has long since shut off, so the only light illuminating the dark streets comes from the moon, as it highlights the silhouettes of black cats skittering through the alleyways.

Prompt: “A haunting, abandoned cityscape at night, devoid of humans. The scene is enveloped in darkness, with no electricity, creating deep shadows along the streets and buildings. The moon shines brightly in the sky, casting a soft, eerie glow over the desolate urban environment. Black cats can be seen skittering through the alleyways, their silhouettes highlighted by the moonlight. The atmosphere is one of eerie stillness and haunting beauty, with the moon as the only source of light in this forgotten city.”

Seed: 3054959053

third try :cowboy_hat_face:

seed: 3840486656

sometimes you just need to reroll :game_die:


Sounds like a job for…

>> Image

The AI emitted this language to dalle using the GPT’s abilities:

In a long-forgotten European town of the 18th century, a solitary black domestic cat prowls an ancient cobblestone street. This abandoned city, untouched by the passage of time, knows no humans nor the hum of technology. It’s a midnight world where the small full moon reigns supreme, its silver light casting an otherworldly glow over the scene. The cat, a silent witness to centuries past, moves through pools of moonlight and vast stretches of shadow, the only sounds are its soft footsteps and the whisper of the night breeze. This image, free from any sign of modern life or artificial light, mirrors a high-quality, realistic photograph, emphasizing the stark contrast between the moonlit areas and the deep, consuming shadows, highlighting the cat’s solitary exploration in this timeless setting.


I guess the trick lies in ‘The scene is enveloped in darkness’.Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

Cool. This image has a great sense of atmosphere. Thank you, this is inspiring for me.

This is the image I generated with the description you shared — feels like I’m being targeted by the AI. :sob:

you gotta retry a couple of times, sometimes the machine god is just unwilling.