The most important thing is for ChatGPT to have the LATEX option

The most important thing is for ChatGPT to have the LATEX option

Whoever wants to use mathematical formulas, chemical formulas, diagrams and tables, ChatGPT must provide this possibility. It can use “Print Screen + OCR” which automatically transforms formulas with Latex into code.

For now, I use Mathpix, an application that perfectly performs these transformations in Latex, but many still don’t know about it. I think there are other applications that convert formulas to Latex, but I don’t know why ChatGPT hasn’t already made this available. Because it is absolutely necessary!

Also, there are many technical books on in many languages, especially in Romanian or Russian, not just English. I wonder why ChatGHPT didn’t do a crawl there on the biggest site in the world, to get quality information.

I gave ChatGPT a link to a book, I asked him for the formula on page 88, I told him what it was about, but he didn’t know how to answer. In fact, he confused the formulas, wrote something else. Because there it was about some unique quotas, calculated especially for a certain set of buildings. The problem is that the Internet Archive has not implemented any Latex converter, it only uses the Tesseract python library that converts books into txt, but often does not recognize the writing very well, especially on old pages.

Mathpix is a very good reader and latex converter, but I have to pay for that too. I think there are other applications. But anyway, CHATGPT must implement a method to upload technical books, from any field, and ChatGPT can extract formulas or problems from there.

If I keep paying every month, I should be given a Latex option, reading and converting texts with formulas into code.

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