The Bot Army at your disposal

As a results of increasing context windows and simplicity of instruction-construction via the API, at MyLife, we are now alpha testing our member services for our humanist global nonprofit AI-enhanced personal legion of bots, like a personal-assistant bot, a biographer bot, a resume-bot, a health-bot and much more to assist you in negotiating, enhancing, capturing and evolving your life for your own personal integrity and for posterity. Your contributions, protected by your own natural language consent mechanisms, will be available now and to future generations as per your articulated wishes, as even our object<->object interfaces are negotiated (when required) by intelligent consent structures.
Digital output to the internet at large will be the primary human-content “learning” mechanic for corporate LLMs, depriving individuals of their thought labor and digital dignity. MyLife is an example of an antidote to that, where all members are collectively supporting one another and the ecosystem we are building and can interact with.
You can find more info about our mission and/or register by talking to our GPT
Or you can visit us at our website and get more info and register there. Can’t wait to see you all :slight_smile: