The best text to image models?

Which text image generator is your favorite, and why?

Stable Diffusion
Disco Difussion
Night Cafe

Something else?

I would say that Dall-E has the most versatility, but Midjourney seems to make more beautiful pictures. Will be loading up SD soon, I think it might be the winner based on what I’ve seen so far.


My favorite is Stable Diffusion. A big factor for this is that the model is open-source and can be used to create apps, services, or integrations. And you can use it for free.

I’m sure the ecosystem will expand and you’ll have all sorts of brilliant people developing amazing apps with it.

It also produces images a lot faster than Disco Diffusion for much less resources (I think).

There’s also that you can use for inspiration for prompts.

In terms of image generation capabilities, I prefer Dall-E, though. It’s the most fun for me, because it can generate some amazing images based on original prompts.