Text to speech in spanish


I haven’t use the TTS API yet, but i have this doubt.

Can i create TTS audios but in other lenguages? like spanish or portuguese?

Thank to all :slight_smile:


I’ve been testing and it indeed respond in other languages, although it respond with an american accent (when speaking in spanish). But sure it does.


Nice, I hope they add a parameter for language like they did for whisper.
Considering how fast this evolved, I have actually high hopes they will do it soon.

Are you using the regular API for the TTS? In my case it gives this error:

‘Audio’ object has no attribute ‘speech’

@juan_olano Are you using the newest library versions?

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Thanks Marc - it is working now. I guess it was a matter of propagation. On my tests I had upgraded the libs (or at least issued the upgrade commands).

All good now!

When I experimented with it, I found that for a short Spanish phrase, it was spoken in an American accent. However, with long Spanish text, the voice changed to using a Spanish accent.