Openai Spanish Translate

Hi, I’m from Peru, and the only way I can find to use this application is by using the translator from Spanish to English in the text input and from English to Spanish in the output, since i speak spanish, do you have any idea if it will ever appear Spanish? or would they have to create another neural network but with Spanish words? It is a very big question that I have, thank you.


Hi there, the API is indeed capable of completions in other languages.

We provide a simple English to French prompt example, where the request of “French” could be any other language (e.g. English to Spanish), or even generate ideas in Spanish, etc.


Hi Kevin. I’m from Peru also.

@joey answered your question well. You can change the label of French to Spanish (writing the translations) and it will work well.

But I think you are asking about having an AI with the Spanish language. In that case, OpenAI also works. So if you write ‘Mi nombre es’, it will complete the sentence in the Spanish language.

Since the AI has been trained through data from the internet, it has a good set of languages that it can speak with.