Text-davinci-003 on azure?

Does anyone know what the timeline is for text-davinci-003 to be released on azure (and/or if there’s a source to look at for such things, or a particular contact that is good to reach out to? and/or if these forums are best for that? :slight_smile: )

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Welcome to the community!

Looking around, it doesn’t appear there’s been an announcement yet, but people are interested…

You might try reaching out to Azure support if you haven’t already. They’d probably have a better idea.

text-davinci-003 endpoint has been having problems recently, so that might be involved with the delay…

Thanks! Sorry for dropping the reply to this. Seeing other folks asking about it at your link was helpful. I did also reach out to azure support. text-davinci-003 dropped over the weekend to east US and in south central US within a few weeks. (and chatgpt sometime in january as well?)

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