Test private prototype using GPT-3 to generate movie one-pagers


We here at CyberFilm.ai have built a prototype codenamed Ghostwriter.

We would love anyone from the GPT-3 community to test it out and give us your feedback. Please do not share. (still private in development stage, not approved for public launch via OpenAI yet)

Direct-Message me for details or email: russellp@outlook.com
You can also sign up on our website or this Google Form: https://forms.gle/4NMydWw3Y8eAkSpA6

Anyone who tests and provides feedback receives a $50 Amazon gift card as Thank You for your time.

Some screenshots for proof-of-not-vaporware:


Russell Palmer
CEO & Co-Founder
:robot: :movie_camera:


It is amazing <3 Good Job!!!

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Filled up the form :slight_smile:

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