Technical Founding Team Member for Gen-AI in higher education startup

Agreed. Which is very exciting.

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Social structures are changing faster than ever. Laws are always behind all technological advancements. So also without new laws, one has also to act ethically.

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This is going way off topic.

Please consider deleting the off topic posts.

I accidentally created this solution (was building something else and my brother who is a university professor found a use case for the original project to do this for his student. We have a live MPV and already secured meeting with the University management. I don’t want to share the link right now, but you can reach out if you have the resources for product success. Cheers.

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No… you need a legal team and a million dollars :rofl:. No but for real, congrats. That is an awesome endeavor. Hopefully you can provide access like Stanford OpenSource Courses for people who can’t afford university or college.

Please tag me or hit me up in a private message or on LinkedIn under “Codie Petersen”. As a self-taught programmer this is pretty cool. My family was too poor to send me to higher education so I had to grind my way to a better life. But I know a lot of friends and family who had to settle in life because of growing families or health issues. Something like this is really powerful. Had I had this type of tool back in the day, I could have learned a lot faster. So I’m pretty passionate about AI tutors, especially for my nieces who have attention problems and require a more hands on approach.

Good stuff, keep us updated.

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This is quite an interesting project. I would definitely use it.