Teaching a New Documentation


I want it to do examples & code completions for a Framework but it is not as good as I expected. Knows something, but not enough and not up to date.

Of course I have a large HTML documentation for the framework. I want him to learn this documentation in the best way possible so that I can expand his knowledge for this Framework.

I think I can forward files with Retrieval, but the documentation consists of many files and I think it takes a long time to respond because it tries to read the uploaded files each time.

I also looked at Fine-tune’s documentation but it seems to be more of a question and answer structure.

How can I teach these HTML documents and examples?

You may consider using Cursor IDE which has a lot of documentation at gpt’s “fingertips”) and other you can easily upload.

I wanted to train the assistant and provide support through the API. Not for personal use.

I guess you mean you are using Assistants API. In this case consider coding the functionality without assistants as it will be more stable and flexible (at least for now while Assistants API is in beta).

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Thanks, I hope there is a different way.