Create ai assistant of an app react

Hi, I have a web app developed in react, I would like to implement a chatbot for users using chatGPT. I would like to create an assistant that only responds to issues related to the app, I was wondering how can I instruct it to uitlize the app? there is no sitemap to pass to it being an app in react and I was wondering what are the best practices for this issue


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You probably want to have an automatic process to create the sitemap and a summary of files whenever you compile / push a new version. Then make this content available to the assistant either as retrieval (works so so) or directly inputting it as appended to the instructions or a message in each new thread. This is a bit of a brute force approach.

A higher-effort alternative is to give the assistant a function to browse its own files and build the handling to get the content of those files and share that with the assistant when it requests it.


thank you for your reply, a web app with react does not have a sitemap, it is a page that works with javascript dynamically, I would like to understand if there is a way for the assistant to learn how the app works so that it can help users in difficulty. I had thought about handwriting documentation on it and uploading the file to use the assistant with as retrieval tool

What I refer to is creating that same documentation automatically rather than manually. You can have a script run whenever you push code to list the files that exist (so yes, not a sitemap, but filesystem map). You can also iterate on each file and use another LLM to generate a summary per file. You can have a resulting document that lists all files and their uses.

Ok I see what you mean, I was hoping there was a more immediate solution by passing the code directly, however it is a good idea, thank you

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I was able to make the exact samething you are taling with this github project I added to my prompt: Only reply to question related to SUBJECT and it works well!