Taught AI to create impressively complex image generation promt

A wide-angle, high-definition abstract futuristic cityscape at dusk, combining the industrial essence of a brewery with organic elements from nature and a majestic sunset. Visualize large, metallic tanks and piping infused with natural, fresh greenery, and the vibrant, warm hues of a sunset sky reflected on their surfaces. Integrate the industrial and organic components seamlessly, creating a neon-infused, that embodies a fusion of technology and nature. The entire scene is illuminated with high-contrast lighting that highlights textures and materials, casting long, dramatic shadows and glowing highlights that give a sense of depth and complexity. Add a touch of abstraction to the details, blurring the lines between the natural and artificial, with the sky transitioning from a clear sunset to a starlit night, suggesting the passage of time in a single frame.


Nice cool!That image is cool hope you like the picture!

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