Talk2Yella - a speech interface to ChatGPT (iOS)

Talk2Yella is in the iOS AppStore - please try it out. Its a small app that allows you to speak your prompts…ChatGPT responds. It is stateful, just like normal conversations. There are some demos here: As you can tell, I want to push it into the non-English speaking space (just a bigger universe).

Headsup on InApp purchases: I am trying a freemium model with some el cheapo packages of queries (100, 500…). These are meant to offset the (low) per-query cost of ChatGPT. Send me an email ( if you hate this:) I will rip it out if enough of you complain.

What’s next: I intentionally left out reading aloud ChatGPT responses in V1. I am throwing it back in into the V2 version (wip). With some prompt/response persistence.

Tech Stack: LangChain + vanilla (swift, php, mysql)